From fish market to red carpet: The evolution of London’s Docklands

By james read, guest blog author on 18 Sep 2015
An electric trolley carrying tobacco, 1925

A man with an electric trolley carrying tobacco, 1925

London’s Docklands have gone through huge change in the last 70 years – from being one of England’s primary ports, to falling into disuse as cargo ships outgrew the Thames. It has seen vast industries come and go – the same warehouse that once stored tonnes of tobacco is now a dance floor, and what was once a 900 year-old fish market now hosts film premieres.

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Around the World in 90 Minutes: A tour of the Archaeological Archive

By glynn davis on 14 May 2014

NHU99_0_370 Cavalier Plate

London has been a centre for mercantile and illicit trade for over 2000 years and this month our Archaeological Archive tour will let you explore some of London’s unique imports behind-the-scenes. As always, here’s a little sneak preview of some of our more exotic objects that have travelled the globe. Read the full postRead the full post