The Butcher, The Baker and the Candlestick Maker

By other museum staff on 9 Mar 2012

The Museum has a collection of over 4,000 17th century trade tokens, which Verity, one of our team of Project Assistants , has been working with to make available online. The first batch of over 1,700 tokens are now available to view as part of our collections online project here. Trade tokens were issued between 1648 and 1673 at a time when there was little low denomination coinage being issued by the crown. As a result traders and business proprietors began issuing tokens as an alternate coinage with equivalent denominations of usually of a farthing, half penny or penny. On rare occasions higher denominations were […]

A coin collection spanning seven centuries

By other museum staff on 18 Jan 2012

As part of our collections online programme bringing greater online access to our collections over the next three years, including the addition of over 90,000 objects. Project Assistant, Ed, talks us through his work with the Museum’s Roman coin collection: The Museum’s Roman collection boasts some very fine examples of bronze, silver and gold coinage, and traces the history of Rome from the Republic, through the rise and eventual decline of the Empire, and culminates in the ascendancy of Byzantium. The collection spans a period of no-less than seven centuries and represents over 100 different emperors, empresses, princes, rebels and […]