Henry VIII and the fickle hand of fate

By jackie keily on 3 Feb 2015


Last week I wrote about a badge in the form of a combined Tudor rose and Aragon pomegranate, commemorating one of Katherine of Aragon’s marriages to a Tudor prince, either Arthur or Henry. In the same display case as this badge in the Medieval London gallery at the Museum of London, there is another little remembrance of Katherine’s involvement with the Tudors. This object is a silver-gilt belt chape – a curved metal strip or edging that protected the end of a leather belt. Read the full postRead the full post

The Pomegranate and the Rose: Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon

By jackie keily on 29 Jan 2015


In a case in the Medieval London gallery at the Museum of London lies a small pewter badge depicting a Tudor rose combined with a pomegranate. These were the heraldic devices of Henry VIII and his first queen, Katherine of Aragon. Katherine made only a fleeting appearance in the first episode of Wolf Hall on the BBC, but it was enough to remind us of the fairly tragic life that she led. Read the full postRead the full post

All salamanders great and small…

By sarah madden, blog editor on 26 Feb 2014

The Cheapside Hoard's salamander escapes onto the Museum of London rotunda

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed two big, green, crawling new additions to the Museum of London’s iconic rotunda. Measuring 10 metres across, these reptilian beasts represent one of the most delicate and exquisite pieces of jewellery found in the Cheapside Hoard – a golden brooch, set with Columbian emeralds and Indian diamonds and speckled with intricately painted enamel. Read the full postRead the full post