The spirit of discovery: a word of welcome from the psychogeographical travel agency by Sebastian Groes

By star guest on 8 Apr 2011

Sebastian Groes c. Andrew Porter Ahead of his event with Will Self, at the Museum of London, on the 12th of April, Sebastian Groes talks psychogeography… In July 1992, my father went to Los Angeles for business, and took me with him. I was seventeen and, as a boy from a Dutch hamlet, knee-deep in polder mud and accustomed only to endless fields of tulips beneath a light blue skyscape. Soon I was bored of the endless visits to overheated warehouses and air-conditioned offices, and my father decided to drop me at Venice Beach. It was a working day, and […]

Bring me Sunshine

By peter strafford on 29 Mar 2011

As we work towards finalising the 20 images that will make up  Your 2012,  our free display on the impact of the construction of the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London, opening at the Museum of London Docklands in July. We quickly wanted to share with you this picture and thought: Might we be in for a warm Spring and a hot Summer? Lets hope so. The notice below seems to be a good sign of things to come.

New Exhibition – Street Cries: depictions of London's Poor

By lucy inglis on 23 Mar 2011

Ink Seller, c1759 by Paul Sandby © Museum of London From Friday the new Street Cries exhibition about London’s eighteenth century poor opens here at the Museum of London. The Cries refers to the different occupations of the beggarly street-sellers depicted, and the shouts they would have used to advertise their wares. Cries were issued by various artists throughout the century with varying degrees of success, and are meant to represent different types of people who dwelt upon the margins of Georgian London. As the urban population increased throughout the period, so did the fear of poverty and vagrancy and the nature […]

Walking through the grey soul of London, looking up at the stars by Robert Kingham

By star guest on 16 Mar 2011

I have caught strange glimpses of a walk through Finsbury out of the corner of my eye since reading Peter Ackroyd’s Biography of London. For him, its streets were an archetype: not ‘grand or imposing’, nor ‘squalid or desolate’, but instead seeming ‘to contain the grey soul of London, that slightly smoky and dingy quality which has hovered over the city for many hundreds of years’. Furthermore, he wrote of the fascination its streets held for Arthur Machen (1863-1947), a writer whose stories often combined a love for London with a deep fear of it, intermingled with a common theme […]

Tis the Changing of the Seasons I

By visitor services on 23 Nov 2010

Greetings fellow Olympian enthusiasts! When I last left you, the team had just submitted our exhibition proposal to the relevant committee . It’s been some time since that last post (sorry!) so I won’t keep you in suspense much longer. As it turns out, our exhibition proposal was too ambitious, the good news however is that a scaled down exhibition will mean increased emphasis on things like blogs and I am now very important. Also, as we won’t be able to display as many of the fantastic photos in the physical exhibition, I am able to debut the ones I […]

Your 2012

By visitor services on 12 Oct 2010

Hi there, Kathryn (host at Museum of London Docklands extraordinaire) here to give you a glimpse into the creation of Your 2012, an exhibition reflecting on the past, present, and future of the communities affected by the Olympic Games. This exhibit also has the distinction of being curated by hosts just like me! Truth be told, I joined the project in progress owing to my recent date of employment. I hope this blog can contribute to the excitement and scope of the project, and I’m also eager to share the things I’m learning as I catch up with my colleagues. […]

Diary of a Museum of London Beekeeper

By lynne connell on 3 Aug 2010

Here you will find the first thoughts from our Visitor Host, Lynne Connell, who has begun training to look after the beehive installed in the Museum of London’s Garden Terrace initially as part of the City of London Festival. Lynne intends to post diary entries on a regular basis so check back here (and on Facebook and twitter) for more updates soon. Wednesday 14 July Today I met with Brian and saw inside the hive for the first time. The first thing I noticed when the lid was removed, was the distinctive smell, a combination of resin and honey (very pleasant). Brian removed […]