The Big Issue vendor Hazel continues to capture street photography in London

By john joyce on 15 Feb 2011

Today we bring you Hazel’s final update following on from her first posting last week of photographs she is taking as part of a project in conjunction with The Big Issue to capture Big Issue vendors own unique view of London’s streets to form part of our exhibition London Street Photography which opens on Friday. Having been briefed to capture life as its happens on the street and avoid posed pictures, Hazel has contributed the following ‘street photographs’ for possible inclusion in the exhibition. This project finishes at the end of March after our fifth volunteer has submitted their images. It is planned that the chosen […]

Our The Big Issue vendors continue to provide unique street photography images

By john joyce on 8 Feb 2011

This weeks post is from Hazel, the second of our The Big Issue vendors, who have voluntered to take pictures representing their view of London streets according to their understanding of the ‘street photography’ criteria of un-posed, spontaneous moments. Here Hazel explains her initial thoughts on the project: “when I was told about this project and then given this camera, I thought, no, I have too much clutter in my mind to define what I see and what I want to say. But then what the heck I opened the shutter and these are some of the pictures I took”. Hazel also provided the captions that accompany these two images. […]