Around the World in 90 Minutes: A tour of the Archaeological Archive

By glynn davis on 14 May 2014

NHU99_0_370 Cavalier Plate

London has been a centre for mercantile and illicit trade for over 2000 years and this month our Archaeological Archive tour will let you explore some of London’s unique imports behind-the-scenes. As always, here’s a little sneak preview of some of our more exotic objects that have travelled the globe. Read the full postRead the full post

Gladiator's ready!

By john joyce on 26 Apr 2011

As we prepare for our spectacular Gladiator Games in July, thanks to our friends at Britannia, we can share with you this insight as our warriors train for combat: “We have undertaken our second major training session of the year as we prepare for the Guildhall show and we’re certainly moving things along. At our training ground, we were able to mock up an area with ropes and spikes that should match the dimensions of the Guildhall arena. We’ve also started to stream gladiators into categories, recognising where people’s strengths and skills best match the weapons and equipment to be […]