More on our museum explored events from your hosts

By visitor services on 14 Sep 2011

Hello everyone, Giusy here again from the Museum’s Visitor Services Team. I hope you read and enjoyed my last post on Ed’s mail making. You are still on time to catch up here if you haven’t! In this post I focus on the workshops developed by my colleagues Stephanie and Joanna. Stephanie has run a Victorian object handling workshop which has looked specifically at objects found in the kitchen and to do with food and drink, for example butter pats and toast forks. During the session she used pictures to illustrate how kitchens have changed over the time and she loved to talk about different […]

Let’s workshop the Museum of London collections!

By visitor services on 28 Jul 2011

Hi guys Giusy here, back again with our first update of the month from the museums Visitor Services Team. Here at the Museum of London we love to get inspired by our collections. I hear that very exciting projects are on their way but let me show you what some of us have been working on so far. We all have a passion for London but for some of the Hosts this enthusiasm becomes a real obsession and so we have been running a different series of workshops for families and children at the museum. My personal inspiration comes straight […]