Tattoo London: Mo Coppoletta

By spetty on 31 Dec 2015

The museum’s upcoming exhibition, Tattoo London, will reveal four contemporary tattoo studios in the capital, as well as offering some insight into the history of professional tattooing in London. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing four tattooists from the studios featured in the exhibition. Today we introduce Mo Coppoletta of The Family Business.

Exterior of The Family Business © Kate Berry (crop)

Mo Coppoletta was born in Verona, Italy in 1971. He studied law at university but by his mid-20s had become immersed in the world of tattooing. Mo moved to London and worked as an apprentice before securing a job as a professional tattooer. London’s historic architecture and strong tattoo culture drew Mo to the capital, and the city continues to inspire his art.

Mo established The Family Business in 2003. Customer care sits at the heart of the business, with Mo keen to ensure that his clients are treated with respect and leave with a tattoo that has been drawn with sensitivity. Mo’s style is ornate and is influenced by Japanese and Art Deco imagery. Now working as a designer for brands across the world, Mo tattoos fewer clients than he used to, but continues to inspire and mentor those venturing into the profession.

Mo Coppoletta © Kate Berry

Mo Coppoletta tattooing a customer © Kate Berry

Tattoo London is a free exhibition. It opens on 29 January. Meet Mo and the other artists and learn more about the cultural history of tattooing at our event: Tattoo London:Under the Skin on 22 February. Find out more and book tickets on our website.

Follow Mo on Twitter @mocoppoletta or at @mo_coppoletta on Instagram for sneak peeks at Mo’s artwork for the exhibition.

Top image: Exterior of The Family Business © Kate Berry (crop)

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