The Final Countdown

By adam corsini on 16 Mar 2012

It’s been a bit about objects…

Boar Samian! one of pieces of vertabra packed during week 4 guess the object fish!

It’s been a been a bit about our volunteers…

discovering archaeology at the introduction table X-rays in Archaeology in Action The Bones Team Half term finds packing table

It’s been a bit about our visitors…

Our Archaeology Exposed tables being swamped by visitors Tuesday's Archaeology Exposed table Half Term family groups in archaeology in action Hard Hat's Only!

…and it’s been about how everyone, volunteers & visitors have joined together to improve our collections…

Stapling the bag shut Packing pots in Hands-On Archaeology workshop Tuesday's Hands-On Archaeology Workshop Half-term Hands-On: Tuesday

But in truth… it’s been about having fun…

Archaeology exposed - Lucy & Pam The Reunion of Alan & Cath Hands-On Archaeology - Friday 3rd Feb Smiles all round Roman eyepiece? Spotting a piece of stamped roman samian

And it’s almost over.

Only 1 week to go, only 1 week left for you to get involved. Conservation Monday, Human Remains Tuesday, Records Friday; come and say hi to the volunteers in Archaeology in Action and be part of the Visitor Inclusion Project by joining in with Hands-On Archaeology on each of these days.


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