Work experience at the Museum of London Docklands

By other museum staff on 7 Mar 2012

Our Learning Department at the Museum of London Docklands recently welcomed Khayrun on work experience to help support our schools programme.

Khayrun kept a diary of support and shares some of her thoughts here:

“I recently spent a week’s Alternative Educational Setting placement at the Museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands, and had the opportunity to observe and take part in museum-led teaching sessions for schools. I thoroughly enjoyed each one! I also got to meet the people who plan these sessions and find about their roles in the museum.

During the first session of the week I learned how important these sessions are, with great benefits to the pupils and staff who attend. This was the ‘Terrific technology’ session, which allowed children to compare inventions from the 20th and 21st centuries. The children got to handle the products and try to identify them.  The Year 4 students recognised a record player because their grand-parents used one. This session allowed children to see and touch the items first hand, and to compare them to their modern equivalents like mobile phones and mp3 players. The handling objects all had to be sourced from the internet or charity and vintage shops, too!

Another session that really amazed me was the ‘Pleasure Gardens’ session for students with special educational needs. This programme provides accessible museum experiences, including drama, costume and handling sessions. I appreciated how the guides had provided a multi-sensory experience for the children. They had the chance to smell, see, hear, imagine and interact with the story that was being acted out. Each child was able to involve themselves in the story using at least one sense.

I visited both museums during the week and learnt about the hard work that the schools programme managers carry out every day to ensure that sessions run smoothly, and how they all sessions make the best use of the museum facilities.

As a child I loved visiting historical sites and I now see how much hard work takes place behind the scenes at a museum!”

Learn more about our work experience and volunteer programmes on the Museum website here.

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